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Top 5 tips to instantly minimise your tummy

Are you feeling like you just can’t hide that tummy? Well, don’t fear your wardrobe anymore with these tips to help you gain confidence back in your style…

1.  Getting your foundations right..
Making sure your underwear is correct for you, is the foundation to a great looking shape.  Ill fitting underwear creates lines, and also doesn’t give your torso the length that it deserves.  It is amazing the difference that a perfectly fitting bra can do for your waist and stomach.  It will elongate your torso, which will instantly minimise your tummy.  If you haven’t been professionally fitted in the last 6 months, I strongly recommend taking the time to have it done! You won’t regret it!  Below, I have given you my suggestions for your foundations.  They are all from Intimo, because I simply believe that they are the best, I wear them every single day! So they must be comfy, mustn't they!

Intimo Lingerie | Personalised Style

2.  Look at where the fabrics are sitting…
The eye will be drawn instantly to where ever the fabric finishes, so stay clear of the shorter style cardigans and jackets that sit around you tummy, because they are creating attention right at the spot you don’t want it to!  Look for a jacket with a little more length so it is sitting well below your tummy, which will create a more flattering look.

3.  Flat front pants…
These will be your best friends! The reason you want to try and wear flat front pants, skirts or shorts, is because they don't have buttons that can sit out and create awareness and bulk in that area!  Plus, because they have a little more give in them, when you sit down, they will be more flattering, and comfortable than button up pants.

Pull on style jeans from decjuba | Personalised Style

4.  Create attention in other areas…
Wearing darker colours underneath and a lighter jacket over the top, or lighter pants, are great to minimise your tummy. I would recommend to keep the lighter colours to your pants or skirts, so your top half is still darker.   Another really easy way to distract peoples eyes is by holding a stunning clutch or bag!  One of my all time favourite brands for leather clutches/purses and bags is Kenzii.  They have a beautiful range, and you are guaranteed to have style with these beauties by your side! Feel free to take a look at their range HERE.
Jewellery can also help you achieve this, because they will attract the eye away from your tummy. There are so many beautiful earrings and rings available that are colourful, which is exactly what you want. As well as jewellery, you can use shoes as a way to create visual distraction. So don’t be shy in choosing a pair with colour or pattern. Rollie Nation, have a great selection of colourful and unique shoes!

5.  Fabric choice…
This is one of the main factors that you need to consider when selecting an outfit. You don’t want anything to cling to you around this area, but you also don’t need to add bulk to your look either! 
Avoid… Silk and Rayon - In most cases, the static can be awful with these ones. You really don’t want anything to be clinging to you, because if it does, you will be  constantly adjusting your top!  In saying that, some tops in these fabrics can be fantastic, but if you're out one night, and all of a sudden your top starts clinging to your stomach, are you still going to feel super confident and stylish? Maybe not. So choose something that guarantees that you wont be put in this position!
Look for… Cotton or other natural fibres - These wont cling to you and they are also really breathable, which will make it so much more comfortable for layering in the colder months, and keeping cool in the warmer months! Winning!!

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Karina Dyer ~ Your Personal Stylist xx

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