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How knowing your shape will change the way you think about creating outfits


How do you know what shape you are?? And this is not about being an apple, pear or even a banana, or any other food for that matter… Because really, how does that help you? Well, for most of us women it doesn’t! So let’s find out how to dress for YOU! Not some fruit, vegetable, or egg timer!

Learning how to dress for your own body will give you more confidence and the ability to create flattering outfits for yourself, rather than being pigeon holed into some ridiculous category!

Take me for example, technically I am a “pear” until I lose a bit of weight, then I turn into an “hour glass”. Now that’s just confusing! In most books or articles you read, it will tell you that if you're a pear, your aim is to minimise your hips and bum, but the thing is, some “pears” (like myself), really like their hips and bum! I feel like I just don’t look right when I try to hide my shape, and I’m not confident when I dress like that.

So this is what you do instead… Stand in front of a full length mirror and take some time to really look at yourself. This is something that some women don’t like to do. We are normally in such a hurry, we don’t have time. But please, do it! It is amazing what you can find out about yourself. 

Where do you look in the mirror, do you spin yourself around to check out how your bum looks? For me, I look straight at my stomach, then legs, bum, waist, arms and face. Try it yourself. Then, once you have finished looking at each area, think to yourself “what do I see?” Be honest with yourself, which can be a little confronting but it really is worth it. Which of these areas do you like, and which areas would you maybe like to minimise or draw attention away from?

I don’t particularly like my stomach, but I love my bum, legs and face. So I play on that! When you purchase pieces, or when you create an outfit, keep this in mind. If you love your bum and legs, wear bottoms that have features or details on them (paneling, distressed denim, pockets etc), that way, people look straight at what you love too. To draw peoples eyes to your face, wear statement earrings, even a bold lippy will do the trick.  I have some beautiful jewellery available HERE that can really help you! 

You need to focus on the parts you love! We all have the power to direct peoples eyes to where we want them to look. So think about what you would like to enhance, and work from there… Is it your boobs, bum, waist or legs? Then think about how you can do it!  Is it the detailing/colour of the material in that area, or the cut of the piece that will draw attention to there.

If you are wanting to minimise or disguise certain areas, keep these areas fairly plain. Yes, dark colours will generally help minimise, but coming into the hot weather, do you really want to live in black jeans or tops? Nope, you're going to be really hot and uncomfortable. That is why you need to know what works for you, what you love, and have fun with your wardrobe.

I personally don’t give two hoots about dressing as a pear or anything else for that matter, I dress with what suits me! Which when it comes down to it, that is what people want to know, not which category do they fall into.

We are all so different, and we need to embrace that, not categorise every woman into 6 types of fruit.

Discover what you love, and run with it!  

If you would like any help with knowing what will work for your own shape, or discover a style that you love, I am the girl for you!  I have had years of experience, and have styled over 100 women, so take a look at the different styling packages that I have on offer for you.  Or you can simply contact me at info@personalisedstyle and start loving your wardrobe and be confident in the way you look right now!

Karina Dyer xxx

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